The Department of English was established in 1964. It offers both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, namely, B.A. Honours English and M.A. English. The faculty is active in terms of attending disciplinary and inter-disciplinary seminars, conferences, workshops and orientation programmes; engages in publication – writing papers, editing and translating books, developing course material and so on.

Students are encouraged to use their creativity in terms of written, oral and theatrical expression. They actively and enthusiastically participate in the Co-curricular activities, i.e. Lit-quiz, poetry-recitation, creative writing, enactment and paper-reading to widen their horizon of knowledge.

Departmental unit, English Literary Association (ELA) offers the students an environment to engage in literary activities enabling them to hone their literary and creative skills which in turn adds to their overall development. ELA organizes Lectures, Interactive sessions, Seminars and workshops etc. to provide students with the opportunity of getting in-depth knowledge of literary practices to stimulate their analytical thinking.

Departmental magazine―Literatti serves as a unique asset of the department giving students and faculty members alike the liberty of creative expression.


English Literary Association

With the beginning of the Academic session 2014-15, English Literary Association (ELA) paced its literary journey by celebrating the 450th birth anniversary of 'William Shakespeare' in collaboration with FORTELL on 23rd September, 2014. The literary event was graced by the presence of chief guest Prof. Shormistha Panja, Joint Director, Institute of Lifelong Learning, University of Delhi who presented her paper titled "Visual Shakespeare" on the occasion. Her paper examined how the paintings and illustrations of Shakespeare's plays and retellings depicted the culture in which they were created. Taking the example of two Bengali prose retellings of Shakespeare, she argued how illustrations of the plays depicted the emerging, rebellious Bengal. She also argued that the 'visual Shakespeare'/illustrations of these retellings often has an independent narrative of their own which is detached from the Verbal text of the plays and hence adds one more dimension of Shakespeare to be debated upon. The event was also marked by the presence of special invitee Dilip Kumar Basu, Associate Professor (retired) of Rajdhani College. On the occasion, the students presented an act titled 'Universal Shakespeare'. The act was an experiment with modern theatre - a combination of 'Shadow work' and 'Mime'. The 'Shadow work' formed the background which comprised the prominent scenes from some of the famous plays of Shakespeare while 'Mime' was an act which covered major emotions of Shakespeare's plays. The combined act formed a collage which presented Shakespeare in an entirely new, avant-garde form. The Association also organised its annual festival 'Lit- Spirit' on 27 March 2015. As part of the festival, various inter-college competitions were organised providing students an opportunity to showcase their literary, creative and dramatic talents. 'Verse and 19 Tale' made students use their imagination and experiences to compose inspiring and beautiful stories and poems. In 'Quiz Bowl' participants, displayed their knowledge of the world of literature. 'Drama-Expresso' was a true delight for the audience as this segment of the fest had some brilliant and humorous impromptu performances by the participants. The competitions were followed by the screening of a documentary 'Bard in Bharat' to celebrate the influence of the eminent English playwright and poet, William Shakespeare on Indian art forms. The fest concluded with a spectacular enactment of T.S. Eliot's poem 'Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock' by the students of the department.

The English Literary Association (ELA), Rajdhani College, organized a one day inter-college literary event named Masquerade on 29 September, 2015, in the College premises which included competitions such as Just a Minute (Extempore), Creative Writing and Poetry Recitation. Other than the competitions students also performed many literary and cultural activities on the occasion that enthralled the august audience.

The English Literary Association (ELA), Rajdhani College, will be organizing its Annual Literary Festival, Chiaroscuro ’16, to be held on 30st and 31st March, 2016, in the College premises. The ELA would be conducting a series of literary events and competitions during the Festival. The ELA is committed to provide a platform for the students to learn and interact with notable scholars from the area of literary and cultural studies. It gives them an opportunity to understand various aspects of literary and cultural representations and to get motivation by their vast knowledge and experience in the discipline. This year two eminent literary and cultural personalities namely, Ms. Janice Pariat (Author) and Dr. Vasant Sharma (Associate Professor) would be gracing the occasion and would deliver interactive talks on each day of the festival.