The Department of Hindi was set up in 1964. It offers B.A. Hindi Honours and M.A. Hindi courses. All the faculty are efficient and highly qualified. The faculty exhibits dynamic leadership and comprises an amalgam of young and vibrant faculty.

The demand for experts in Hindi has increased over time. The interest shown by academia as well as industry in the ancient Indian repository of knowledge, which is primarily available in Hindi, is responsible for this growth in demand for experts and hence in opportunities for students pursuing these courses.


Hindi Sahitya Parishad

Sahitya Parishad of the Department of Hindi organised a one day National Seminar ‘Sahityik Sangoshthi’ on 10th October 2015. Thoughtful and literary lecture was delivered by Professor Rajendra Gautam (Department of Hindi, University of Delhi) on Navgeet Path Avam Pravartiya while Professor Durga Prasad Gupt (Department of Hindi, Jamia Millia Islamia) presented an insightful lecture on Hindi Patti Aur Lok Patrikayein. During the event, students presented various cultural programmes.