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Linguistics is a scientific study and science does not deal merely with the observation and description of phenomena, although these two are very significant scientific activities. However, science (including Linguistics) seeks to discover the general principles which underlie the variety of observable facts. Linguistics has made substantial progress in describing and explaining various features of human language. Linguistics covers a wide range of fields such as Phonetics (the study of human speech sounds), Phonology (the study of sound patterning), Morphology (the study of words), Syntax (the study of sentences), Semantics (refers to meaning and meaning relations) and Pragmatics (deals with how speakers use language in ways which cannot be predicted from linguistics knowledge alone). The overlapping or interdisciplinary interest of Linguistics and other disciplines has expanded the field of Linguistics for the students into new branches of the subject in both pure and applied contexts, such as Anthropological linguistics, Biolinguistics, Clinical linguistics, Computational linguistics, Critical linguistics, Developmental linguistics, Ecolinguistics, Educational linguistics, Ethnolinguistics, Forensic linguistics, Geographical linguistics, Institutional linguistics, Mathematical linguistics, Neurolinguistics, Philosophical linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Quantitative linguistics, Sociolinguistics etc. For last approximately 100 years, Linguistics has been a part of both the academic line for the students as well as a resource for the construction of linguistic knowledge. There has also been an important growth in understanding of the linguistic problems and making of new linguistic theories. At the academic level, Linguistics as a separate discipline has been taught in almost all major universities of India.

Linguistics as a Discipline course in B.A. (Prog.) was first time offered in 2004 in the college. The Department of Linguistics in Rajdhani College was introduced in 2009 with Dr. Chander Shekhar Singh as its teacher in-charge. This is for the first time in the history of the College that the Department of Linguistics emerged at the Under Graduate level with a proper shape. One application course i.e. Translation and Interpreting was later introduced in the session 2011-12.