The Department of Mathematics of Rajdhani College offers B.SC.(H) Mathematics Course. At present, more than 200 students are enrolled in this course. This course is one of the most prestigious courses offered by our college. Not only students of Delhi, but also from other states of India come to take admission in this course. The reputation of this course is built over the years due to diligent effort put by its faculty members as well as by the students. The faculty consists of 17 members at present, 7 of whom are Associate professors. They specialize in various discipline of mathematics. Several of them are pursuing research work and have publications in various international journals of repute. Some faculty members are also teaching post-graduate students of the University of Delhi and are also supervising students for M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees.

After successful completion of B.Sc.(H) Mathematics course, one can go for higher education further such as M. Sc.(Mathematics), M.Sc.(Operation research), MCA, M.Sc.(Statistics) etc. Actuarial Science is another emerging field chosen by many of our students. At present, many of our ex-students are into university/college/school teaching. Some others are involved in research in India and abroad. A good number of students graduated with this course have been recruited in the industry sector by reputed international companies.






In the year 2015-2016, the Mathematical Society organized two functions, one on 21st September, 2015 and other on 8th March, 2016. In the first function Arity 2015, there were two invitees. Prof. V. Ravichandran, Head, Department of Mathematics, University of Delhi gave a talk on Sum of Powers of Natural Numbers and Prof. Vinay Kumar, Department of IT, Vivekanand Institute of Professional Studies, Delhi gave a lecture on the topic Application of Number Theory in Computer Science.



Poster Presentation and Mathematical Quiz were also organized as part of the event.


In the second function Arity 2016, Dr. Gurpreet Singh Tuteja, Deputy Dean, Student’s Welfare, University of Delhi was invited, who gave a talk on the topic MOOC: New Trends in Education. Other events organized by the society included a Debate on the topic Mathematics can accurately describe the world around us, Brain-o’-Brain: Mathematical Olympiad, Mathematical Relay and Paper Presentation on mathematical innovative ideas.

Both the events were highly successful. The list of students who received prizes in different events is as follows:

Paper Presentation: First Position: Anshul Jain and Ayushi Pandey, B.Sc. (H) Mathematics, II year,

Kalindi college; Second Position: Shruti and Bhavna Singh, B.Sc. (H) Mathematics, II year, Kalindi College; Mathematical Quiz: First Position: Navdit and Jitesh Dua, B.Sc. (H) Mathematics, II year,

Rajdhani College; Second Position: Pankaj Yadav and Ayog Parmar, B.Sc. (H) Mathematics, I year,

Rajdhani College; Brain-o’-Brain: First Position: Abhishek Rawat, B.Sc. (APS) (IC) I year, Rajdhani College; Mathematical Relay: First Position: Amar, Harish and Nikhil, B.Sc. (H) Physics, II year,

Rajdhani College; Debate: First Position: Apeksha and Akshita, B.A. (H) English, Rajdhani College.

The Society appreciates the Organising Team Members for their worthy contribution- Akshay Kumar (President), Shruti (Vice President), Dhruv Goel (Secretary), Prachi Sharma (Joint Secretary), Alish, Anand, Ankit, Ankita, Ashu, Aakash, Dharna, Dimple, Harsh, Jyoti, Manish, Nidhi, Prabhat Khari, Pankaj, Pratham, Priyank Vasu, Riya, Ruchi, Sanjay, Sheeba, Shalini, Shivangi, Shresth, Sonu, Tanya, Twinkle, Umang, Vaishali,Vijay, Vivek, Yashika.