ICT Labs

The Central Computer Lab of the college has approximately 70 desktops in a WiFi enabled and wired internet environment. It is equipped with latest software like mathematica. Matlab. Scilab, SPSS and latex.

Ramanujam Computer Lab, under department of mathematics, has latest smart boards with about 30 desktops with all the latest software installed. Operating system like Windows and Linux help students to get a broader picture.

Microprocessor Lab, under Department of Physics and Electronics, is having 20 Desktops and lots of microprocessor kits of 8085 and 8086.

Computational Physics Lab, under Department of Physics and Electronics, is having 40 laptops allowing the students to spend their spare time in research work.

Computer Science Lab under Department of Computer Science has 40 desktops with latest softwares and

Commerce Computer Lab has 20 Desktops with latest version of SPSS and latex for their research use.

E-Yantra (Robotics Lab),sponsored by IIT Bombay has requisite software and hardware for the study of Robotics.