Research Projects

Faculty members are supported in all possible ways to secure research funds from various funding agencies. They are provided with timely information about projects and duty/study leave is sanctioned for the same. There are 2 ongoing and 3 completed innovation projects and 1 completed UGC project.

S. No.
Project Title
Teachers Name
Funding Agency along with Grants
Departments from which students are involved
1. Development of Phosphinous Acid Functionalized PNP Pincer Ligands: Study of non-Innocent behaviour with Group Eight Metal Complexes and Catalytic Applications Dr. Pawan Kumar DST Department of Chemistry
2. Conductometric and spectrophotometric study of micellization behavior of surftant,followed by molecular dynamic simulation of protein-surfctant interaction:A matter of personal hygiene

Dr Suman Meena,

Dr. Rajni Grover,

Dr. Priyanka

University of Delhi Rs. 5.5 Lakhs

Department of Chemistry,

Department of Commerce

3. Ionic Liquid: Extraction of harmful and toxic aromatic solvents

Dr. Anita K Yadav,

Dr. Poonam Pipil

University of Delhi
Rs. 3.5 Lakhs
Department of Chemistry
1. To study the presence of toxic chemicals in gutter oil by spectroscopic studies

Dr. Mukta Sharma,

Dr. Vishal Mishra

University of Delhi
Rs. 6.5 Lakhs

Department of Chemistry,

Department of Physics & Electronics

2. Study of Atmospheric & UV Pollution using ZnO nanorod Sensors

Dr. Swati Nagpal

Dr. Sonia Lumb

Dr. Manisha Singhal
University of Delhi Rs. 6.0 Lakhs

Department of Physics & Electronics

Department of Physics & Electronics

Department of Chemistry,


3. Study on the crucial changes in the Earth‘s atmospheric system during solar maxima phase using interdisciplinary approach

Dr. S.K. Dhaka

Dr. Amit Jain

Dr. Arun Choudhary

University of Delhi
Rs. 10.0 Lakhs

Department of Physics & Electronics,

Department of Chemistry,

Department of Mathematics

4. Fuzzy Topological Structures Dr. Ratna Dev Sarma UGC (under minor project scheme) Rs. 1.35 Lakhs Department of Mathematics
5.   Dr. Swati Nagpal UGC Rs. 1.0 lakh Department of Physics and Electronics
6. Coupled mode analysis for design and simulation of arrayed wave guides and coupled wave guide devices Dr. Sangeeta Srivastava UGC
Rs. 11.86 Lakhs
Department of Physics and Electronics
7. Robotics Dr. SanjayMalhotra and team Rajdhani college Rs. 5.0 Lakhs Department of Physics and Electronics
9. 1. Investigation of spectrum properties of coumarin derivatives dye lasers
2. Some studies on the fluorescence properties of the organic dyes
Dr. Rajesh Giri (Officiating Principal) UGC (2 Projects)
Rs. 90,000
Department of Physics and Electronics
10. E-Panchayat and Democratic Experience: Analysing ICTs Initiative in Panchayati Raj Institutions from Democratic Perspective (Major Research Project) Dr. Rajesh Kumar Jha UGC Rs. 6.59200 Lakhs Department of Political Science


Dr. Pawan kumar