Vision and Mission


Rajdhani College aims to achieve brilliance in all the spheres and aspires to become a renowned institution of higher education, by generating healthy and hospitable academic environment. The college tries to maintain a healthy balance between innovation and tradition – a feature that makes our institution stand out.


Rajdhani College believes in accomplishing curricular and extra-curricular brilliance simultaneously. The aim is holistic growth and enhancement of students. The college strives to offer educational brilliance in the fields of science, commerce and humanities. The spirit of analysis, innovation and research is encouraged and both the faculties and students strive to excel in these areas. The college has amenities like laboratories, computers, projectors, auditorium and canteen. Due to the emphasis given to precision, knowledge and enthusiasm, our students try to move beyond the confines of the regular courses. The impulse to apply theoretical knowledge upon practical situations is also encouraged.


Rajdhani College gives importance to non-discrimination and equality within the institution. Discrimination on the basis of community, class, gender, religion and caste is vehemently discouraged. The fundamental aim is to produce responsible citizens, and to inculcate ethical principles and to strive for a better civilization. We empower students to accept challenges as well-mannered, responsible and devoted citizens. Having suitable infrastructure for extra-curricular activities and sports, the institution encourages physical and intellectual spirit in the college. The notion of multi-dimensional education runs deep into our curriculum and to achieve this goal we organize seminars, symposiums, conferences and other academic proceedings. This provides a platform for communication between students and renowned personalities from academics, sports, media and other spheres.

The vision of the college is transferred to the teaching and non-teaching staff, parents and guardians, alumni and other stakeholders. This is achieved through the circulation of detailed prospectus, website and through the staff council and staff association meetings, alumni meetings and extra-curricular activities.